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Built in Dictionary

Benkyou Studios Built in Dictionary supports various languages, and more will be added as time progresses.
The Dictionary allows you to look for words, hear how the sound via Speech Synthesis, and if you want to start learning them, you can add them to your Wordlist, and they will appear in the Quiz and Mouseflash

The dictionary supports word details, shown at the bottom of the dictionary screen... Search for a word, and where available you will get details about it
When Searching for Japanese, you will get a break down of the individual symbols, and examples which contain that word


Mouseflash is a mini flashcard, which appears onscreen neer your mouse cursor, it is designed to help you learn new words during your normal computer use.
The position and transparency are configurable, and you can use Speech Synthesis to hear the words as you see them.
Mouse flash works with all languages supported by Benkyou Studio

Multichoice Quiz

The Multi-choice Quiz is the main Study tool in Benkyou Studio, It will drill you on the words in your wordlist, and will adjust the frequency the words appear depending on how well you know them,
The quiz will pause and speed up to focus on the words you do not know. The quiz also supports Speech Synthesis, so you can hear the words you are studying
The wrong answers will vary every time you answer, sometimes they will be random answers, sometimes they will have just parts that are wrong (eg a single letter) to ensure you really know the correct answer
The quiz is programmed with common misspellings, and will try to trick you by using these in the wrong answers
For the Japanese language, the quiz knows what Japanese symbols have similar meanings, and what alternate pronunciations a symbol has, and will try to use these to trick you... this is like the JLPT N1 exam does - which itself is multiple choice.

Customizable UI

The UI of Benkyou Studio can be customized, it can use your OS default colors, or one of the built in Themes, for bright vivid look, or subtle appearance, There are multiple provided Icon sets, and the UI supports multiple languages
Currently the UI can appear in English and Japanese, More Languages will be added later

File Format Converter

Benkyou Studio has a built in file converter, If you have a file which you cannot read properly, or you need it in a specific format for a specific program, the file converter can help
Select the file and current format at the top, use the preview to check the source format is correct, then save to the destination format
You can also perform "TextTricks" directly to the file, to allow more advanced manipulation.

International Time Chart & Clock

The Time Chart is designed to allow planning over multiple time zones. The chart can show as many timezones as required, and will highlight Working hours and Weekends in different colors, if you need to schedule and international meeting or downtime of a server, the timechart will allow you to plan across multiple countries.

Multicurrency Calculator

The multicurrency calculator allow you to perform calculations in one currency and see the equivalelnt values in a second currency, It also allows for different currencies to be added or subtracted, the results can be stored in the clipboard.

"TextTricks" Text processor and converter

TextTricks are configurable Text converters, they can be used to convert character sets, transform data to meet special requirements and more
TextTricks are controlled by script files, so you can easily alter them or create your own with just a text editor.
Click here for more info

Character Map

If you need to see part of the unicode map for reference the Character map can help
Specify a range in decimal or Hex and the range will be shown, You can change the layout of the output to suit your needs, and create as HTML

Unicode Converter

If you have a line of text with an unknown symbol, the Unicode converter will quickly identify it
The unicode converter also converts text to HTML safe symbols, and can reverse the procedure, converting HTML symbols to plain text.

Bitmap Font Builder

This is a Programmer tool to allow font support on systems without unicode font support (or to maintain a common appearance on multiple platforms)
This tool exports parts of the Unicode range as sprite tiles... the format exported will work with the NEHE opengl tutorials, and should be pretty easy to use with any system that supports sprite animation
You can specify the part (or separate parts) of the unicode range to export in the "Data Range" box, and up to 4 fonts are supported in one export.
The export does not need to fit on a single tile, the system will export all the range in as many tiles as needed. The files are saved in PNG format with transparent background, and a CSV format unicode lookup map is created in the "Info" tab